The BridgeBuilders Intervention Process is a tool for decision making in congregations that are in transition or crisis. Education is done within the congregation about congregational systems and dynamics. Congregational workshops are conducted in which participants are led through experiences designed to encourage healthier behavior, communication and dialogue, to calm anxiety, and to engender hope.

Specific information about the congregationís history and present situation is gathered and presented in a formal written report to the congregation. In this report, the information gathered about this specific congregation is placed into the larger context of family systems theory, which helps to encourage rational thought while reducing emotional reactivity, as well as providing insight into the precipitants of the present situation and the choices that are open to the congregation.

Finally, a planning session is held, producing a strategic actions plan for the congregation. At three month intervals over the next year, the BridgeBuilder consultant checks back with the congregation to assess its progress and to address concerns or issues which have arisen as the strategic plan is implemented.

Nancy is an experienced BridgeBuilder consultant, and is available to lead a congregation through this process, or to provide coaching for someone to utilize this process in their own parish or congregation.

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