Compassionate Care

 Call it what you will - stress, compassion fatigue, caregiver exhaustion, clergy burnout - we are experienced and skilled in helping you regain your balance. Ministry is challenging, rewarding, difficult and stressful under the best of circumstances. Most of us are able to practice enough self-care to maintain a healthy balance in our lives under ordinary circumstances, but too many crises, too many demands upon us, too much dissension, too many rapid changes, or one too many antagonists in the congregation can cause us to experience the early signs of the spectrum that runs from stress to fatigue to exhaustion to burnout.

We offer you a respite from ministry, during which we will help you to assess your situation, to see the possibilities with the problems, to explore the options open to you, and to access the resources that can help you to return to your ministry feeling more hopeful and enthusiastic, knowing how you can recover joy in ministry and once again love the work God has called you to do

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