A Benedictory is a refuge, a house of blessing and peace, a place of hospitality, support, caring, affirmation, and encouragement. At River Respite Benedictory the ancient grace-filled and respectful practice of hospitality is freely and joyfully offered to clergy and vowed religious of all communions for a day or a week at a time.

We have been so richly blessed in our life together in this beautiful place, and we know that we have been entrusted with River Respite Benedictory so that we may share it with others.  We invite you to come, to enjoy the dance of the sky, wind, snow, rain and sun as the seasons change, the ancient rhythm of Scripture and prayer as the Daily Office is spoken and sung, the healing power of solitude, rest, and lots of good food, together with gentle joy, healing laughter, and listening.

You may choose from one of the retreat programs that we offer here, or you may develop one with us to suit your particular needs, or you may come for a quiet time away with no particular agenda.

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